Affiliate Partnership

Sijison Training : Reseller Agent Process

Reseller Agent: The Agent will represent Sijison Training and will be responsible for marketing Training Programs (Both online and Classroom) on behalf of Sijison Training. The objective is to share resources whereby we use one classroom, instructor and material for the training. Hence, this is beneficial to both the agent and the corporation

Responsibilities of the Agent
• The Reseller Agent would advertise upcoming training programs on behalf of Sijison Training via various online marketing platform
• The Reseller Agent will also introduce and promote the courses to corporate client
• The Reseller Agent would also be responsible for closing engagement with both individual and corporate lead.
• The Reseller will furnish Sijison Training with relevant update and report in a timely and professional manner
• The Reseller Agent should be able to collect payment from the candidate either 10% or 20% of the course fee

Responsibilities of Sijison Training
• Create Multiple website
• Display agent phone and email contact on multiple website
• Provide Agent with detailed information on the training date and course fee as required
• Responsible for the Facilitator, Venue, Material and all other administrative process to ensure the training session runs successfully
• Provide Agent with Support services when required in a timely and professional manner
• Would pay the Agent an agreed sum of 20% on each student or corporation as at when due.

Sijison Training expects at least 3 candidates from each Reseller on a Month basis. Reseller Agent is expected to attend bi-weekly meeting..

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