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Sijison Training delivers FREE Seminars and Workshop for Corporate bodies interested in building knowledge within their organization. Our Subject Matter Expert are able to present an in-depth overview of the benefits and advantages of each of this course offering. This is a 1 hour Seminar, which can be incorporated into your company’s normal working schedule and  it is conducted at your premises for FREE.

Below is a list of Corporate Seminar’s we are offering. Contact us today to discuss your corporate training needs.

Corporate Governance:
This seminar offers government institutions and nongovernmental organizations an opportunity about the process of Corporate Governance and delivered for FREE. This is part of SijisonTraining’s corporate  responsibility to encourage better governance in our society.

Business and Finance; we inform and educate our students on issues facing modern day businesses and technologies. Sijison training also designs and delivers training programs in business analysis, sales and marketing strategy, business principles, etc.

Management Skills;  Sijison training offers management skill training to help develop and refine the skills needed to manage people effectively and be ready for unexpected changes. Our management skills courses include customer services management, leadership management, procurement management, etc.

Telecom and Mobile; . Our telecom courses are tailored specifically to the telecoms industry that deals with a variety of commercial, business and management issues. Some of our courses are IP and VOIP telephony, mobile computing, mobile payment, etc.

ICT and Technology; we offer a variety of ICT courses ranging from ITIL/ITSM to software quality testing, IT governance, etc. For more details on our wide range of training courses, visit the categories and contact us for more information.

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