IT Governance 

Overview and Intro

It has been advocated for quite some time now that the ICT challenge is addressed through proper disciplines, IT Governance, IT Value Management, IT Risk Management, IT Compliance, Information Security Management and a number of recognized International Standards.

The new COBIT 5 framework incorporates a number of the disciplines and references a number of other appropriate standards for organization will realize its Business Goals. Still, it is vitally important to obtain a good understanding of IT Governance functionality and how best it is to be utilized in the organization.

You will learn How to …
• Obtain a holistic view of IT Governance
• Understand the context and what it takes to align IT with the Business
• Appreciate the importance that the Business Value Creation must be supported by IT.
• Know how to go about ensuring that IT is planned and organized including its activities.
• Give the Business Management delegates the opportunity to perhaps better appreciate IT’s role and
responsibilities and consequently the need for best practice especially within the IT arena.

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Start & End Date:
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Course Outline

1. Introduction To It Governance
• What are the definitions and relationships of:
• Corporate Governance and IT Governance
• Enterprise Risk and IT Risk
• Compliance and IT Compliance
• Corporate Governance and IT Governance

2. Challenging Issues In IT Governance
• What BENEFITS information and technology bring to the Organization?
• How can these BENEFITS be realized to increase?
• What are the challenges in meeting the main Principles of IT Governance
• Meeting Stakeholder Needs
• Covering the Enterprise end-to-end
• Applying a single Integrated Framework
• Enabling a Holistic Approach
• Separating Governance from Management

3. Governance Enablers
• Principles, Policies and Frameworks
• Processes
• Organizational Structure
• Culture, Ethics & Behavior

4. Resource Management
• Information
• Service Infrastructure applications
• People, Skills and Competencies

5. IT Governance Processes
• Discussion of the IT Processes that will assist to Evaluate, Direct and Monitor:
• Governance Framework is appropriate and is maintained;
• IT Benefits Delivery;
• IT Risk optimization; IT Resource Optimization and Stakeholder Transparency.

6. Determining The IT Governance For Your Organization
• Using Inputs from all work group sessions determine,
• What your organization IT Governance Framework will look like in terms of,
• Principles, Processes, Culture etc.

7. Transforming Your Organizational Governance To Drive Better ROI
• Understand your current state – looking more deeply into the “pain” areas.
• Establish the ideal future state you would like to achieve for your organization
• Determine the possible solution to achieve the future state and choose a given “approach” to
implement the solution for your organization.

8. Planning Your Future IT Governance Roadmap
• Establish the major next steps in your IT Governance Endeavors.

Video Preview Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF Price: N50,000

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