Six Sigma Foundation 

Overview and Intro

Six Sigma Foundation provides an overall insight into the techniques of Six Sigma, its metrics, and basic improvement methodologies. Students will learn how to integrate Six Sigma methodologies for the improvement of production and transactional systems, in order to better meet customer expectations and bottom-line objectives of their organization. The course provides an introduction to process management and the basic tools of Six Sigma, giving students a stronger understanding of processes, enabling each individual to provide meaningful assistance in achieving an organization’s overall objectives.

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Price: N60,000

Schedule and Venue

Week-Ends: 4 days – 2 weekends (Sat/Sun) from 12.01pm – 5.00pm.
Week-Days: 6 days – 2 weeks (Tue, Wed & Thurs) from 5.30pm – 7.30pm.
Training Type: Classroom Instructor –led Training

Lagos Venue: 3, Faramobi Ajike Street, Off Bush Street, Anthony Village, Lagos
PortHarCourt Venue: 6, Erabor Close, PortHarcourt. Rivers
Abuja Venue: 8 River Trent Street, Off Thames Street, Maitama, Abuja

Start & End Date: See Week-Day Calendar and Week-End Calendar

Course Outline

• Introduction to Six Sigma
• What is Six Sigma
• The Sigma Level
• Calculating the Sigma Level – Toolset
• DNA of a Champion
• Lean Six Sigma Framework
• Focus on the Customer
• Lean and DMAIC
• Organizing for Success
• Working Relationships

• Project Charter Toolset
• Process Thinking
• Process Mapping – Overview
• Process Mapping (SIPOC) Map
• Flow Charts • Mapping Toolset
• Affinity Diagram Toolset
• CTQC Tree Diagram Toolset
• Voice Of The Customer (VOC)

• Measurement & Metrics
• Measurement As A Process
• Baseline Performance
• Control Chart Toolset
• Histogram Toolset
• Quantifying Process Variability
• SPC – Introduction and Background
• X and Moving Range Charts – Toolset
• Pareto Chart Toolset


• Cause & Effect Diagram Toolset
• 5-Why, 1-How
• FMEA Toolset
• Scatter Plot Toolset
• Correlation and Regression Analysis

• Brainstorming
• Benchmarking
• Opportunity maps
• Continuous Flow Toolset
• Quick Changeover Toolset
• Pull Scheduling
• Error-proofing
• Prioritizing and Selecting a Solution
• Piloting a Solution
• Risk assessment and mitigation
• Implement the improvements

• Control Charts Revisited
• Continuous improvement; Kaizen
• Visual Control
• Control Plan
• Standardized Work – Documenting Process Changes

Video Preview
Download PDF
Download PDF
Download PDF
Price: N60,000

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