Microsoft Office Admin Training

Overview and Intro

As an Office Manager, Administrator or Secretary you need to perfect your interpersonal and behavioural skills, to ensure you stay in control and on top of every one of your responsibilities.
In this programme you will learn how to Prioritise your daily responsibilities to achieve maximim output and Streamline your work practices and office environment.
Also, you will learn how to Communicate effectively and assertively at all levels as well as Understand yourself and others thereby improving interactions and relationships
The programme will be interactive and practical; with learning methods to suit every kind of learning preference. There will be activities in groups and pairs as well as individual exercises and everyone will get an opportunity to discuss their work challenges in a supportive environment. There will also be opportunity to practice assertive communication skills through role play and to present a presentation towards the end of the week.

Video Preview Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF Price: N40,000

Schedule and Venue

Week-Ends: 2 days – 1 weekend (Sat/Sun) from 11.00am – 5.00pm.
Week-Days: 4 days – 1 week (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thurs) from 5.00pm – 7.30pm.
Online Tutoring: 4 days – 1 week (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thurs)  2 hours Anytime.
Training Type: Classroom Instructor –led Training

Lagos Venue: 3, Faramobi Ajike Street, Off Bush Street, Anthony Village, Lagos
PortHarCourt Venue: 6, Erabor Close, PortHarcourt. Rivers
Abuja Venue: 8 River Trent Street, Off Thames Street, Maitama, Abuja
Refreshment: Tea, Coffee, Cakes, Snacks and light Lunch.

Start & End Date: See Week-Day Calendar and Week-End Calendar

Topics and Outline


Session 1

• Understanding and clarifying purpose and vision
• External and internal customer service
• The secret to working smarter rather than harder
• Controlling, prioritising and organising your work
• Streamlining your office systems
• Getting your paperwork under control
• Making your office user friendly and efficient

Session 2
• Provision of business and logistic supports
• Getting organized and setting priorities
• Effective Time Use
• Essential Administrative Skills
• Harnessing the power of the mind
• Managing larger projects to meet deadlines
• Planning skills
• Problem solving techniques
• Decision Making tools
• Managing meetings effectively
• Keeping minutes of a meetings
• Working with more than one manager
• Managing the Boss
• Travels and protocols management

  Day 2

Session 3

• Vital Communication Skills
• Common communication mistakes
• Different styles of communication
• Win-win conflict resolution
• Understanding and using body language
• Understanding gender differences in communication
• Understanding different personality types
• Interpersonal skills
• Government and Community relations
• Grooming and personal carriage
• Health and safety issues
• Workplace behaviours and comportment
• Work ethics and personal commitments

Session 4
• Developing as a professional
• Creating a professional image
• Leadership skills
• Overcoming the fear of public speaking
• Learn the essentials of planning a presentation
• How to hold the attention of a group
• Best practices for delivering positive feedback
• Records keeping and good memory
• Documents and mails handling
• Files Management and Informational Retrieval
Video Preview Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF Price: N40,000

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